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Small trough supplies fresh water to stock

Small water trough supplies fresh water to stock

Small trough supplies fresh water to stock

A reliable, optimal stock water supply is, in part, achieved through water troughs. When PGG Wrightson Water Category Manager Jason Brophy approached RX Plastics (RXP) for an alternative design for small troughs, the design team at RXP had clear ideas about how this could be improved.

Using multiple small troughs is often a better solution than one larger trough to service livestock. This enables a block to be separated into sections as part of your pasture management plan, if desired, or to create less congestion. Small troughs are typically used where the stock numbers are low and peak demand for water is lower than for other troughs. Examples are nurse paddocks and lifestyle blocks.

It is important to ensure a trough gets a continuous replenishment of fresh water. Ideally, three turns a day. This helps prevent the growth of algae and bacteria by keeping the water fresh and cool. The benefit of keeping the water cool is that stock drink more water. The new 75 and 150 L troughs are typically ideal for mobs of 6 to 10 cattle or up to 30 sheep.

Using K-Line® Irrigation Pods as inspiration, the RXP team knew they needed to create a water trough that would not get tipped over or damaged by rubbing. The curved shape and inward rolling edges remove any scratch points, meaning stock are unlikely to rub against it. Greater stability is a feature of the trough and was achieved by creating a base that is wider than the top. This unique feature has the added benefit of reducing the relative volume of water exposed to sunlight, keeping the water cooler and reducing the risk of algal growth.

The troughs include a Philmac EasyPHIL™ float valve and ball float which should provide years of reliable service. However, at some stage, the valve may need maintenance due to water quality. Despite its smaller size, the trough is designed to have easy access to the float valve. This means a refurbished valve can be fitted quickly and easily on-site with minimal disruption to livestock.  An inspection hole allows you to see the valve clearly and confirm it is functioning correctly.

In addition, the ball float needs to be protected from damage by animals drinking from the trough. Most damage occurs when the water trough is empty causing livestock to vigorously search for water. To avoid this, the float valve and elbow connection to the water supply have been recessed within the body of the trough. This ensures both the water supply and valve hardware are protected where they cannot be trampled.

RX Plastics' new range of small water troughs will soon be available exclusively from your local PGG Wrightson store.