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Advantages of a well designed stock water system

Advantages of a well designed stock water system

Advantages of a well designed stock water system

A fresh and constant supply of stock water for animals on farms is of critical importance to landowners. Easy access to stock water keeps animals away from the natural waterways and allows them to be healthy and productive.

There are many benefits to having a well-maintained and fully functional stock water system with regards to feed and stock rotation. In dry conditions, a farmer may need to open up multiple paddocks to allow stock to drink out of existing ponds or natural waterways. Often, when this happens, the water quality is poor, which may result in stock not receiving their daily water requirements, affecting their growth and health.

Without access to clean and fresh water, farmers may be forced to move or sell stock earlier than desired. Having a functional stock water system allows farmers to hold onto the stock for longer and contributes to achieving the maximum price per animal when selling.

Installing a well-designed stock water system on a hill or high-country property allows stock to be grazed more evenly, with the correct placement of the troughs in the blocks. This is particularly important in the peak of summer when the best feed on these blocks is on the sunny side of the top end. Without access to clean water, the stock typically goes to a natural water source which is often found at the lower or bottom of a hill country block. They then do not travel back up the hill to graze.

A stock water system makes it easier for the farmer to monitor water usage, and to find and resolve issues within the scheme using various monitoring options. Tank monitoring devices alert the farmer in real time when, for example, water levels have dropped below optimal. So, rather than driving past the water tank, and after some time and realising there is no water in it, flow indicators can be strategically placed along the stock water system. This allows the water flow rate to be easily checked and identify areas where there may be an issue.

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