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Tips to get the best start

Our local team is ready to discuss your crop and pasture requirements for spring. We’ll assist you with technical advice and recommendations that will help you address post emergent weeds in your crops.

To get started, consider these helpful tips:

  • Continually walk new crops or pasture to monitor for weeds.
  • Look for summer grasses and yellow bristle grass and get ready to treat where necessary.
  • To control Californian thistle, implement a 2+ year programme. Spray thistles at early flower-bud stage to maximise translocation of the chemical to the plant’s roots.
  • Select a herbicide appropriate to the weeds and pasture mix and size.
  • Aim to spray the weeds before they get six true leaves so they don’t get too big to easily control.
  • To ensure you get the most out of your herbicide application, consider using SLIKKA® to improve droplet spread for thorough coverage and penetration of brush weeds like gorse or broom.

Products that may help

Maize weed control

Gary Bosley, Technical Specialist, explains the importance of weed control to ensure you can maximise the yield of your maize crop.

Weed control in new pasture

When establishing a new pasture, your end game is to have a high performing feed for your livestock. With perennial pasture, you want persistence of good quality and weed-free feed.

Cereal weed control

Using post-emergent herbicides is key to controlling the weeds in your cereal crops. Matthew Crampton, PGG Wrightson Technical Specialist, gives an introduction to controlling weeds in cereals.