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How to battle summer conditions in your garden 

How to battle summer conditions in your garden 

How to battle summer conditions in your garden 

There’s plenty of awareness and discussion at the moment about the hotter, drier summer predicted for much of the country under El Niño. So, along with watering your garden, there are plenty of products designed to help your soil retain moisture and stay nutrient-rich.


Potting mix and fertilisers

Potting mix is a versatile product used for growing seedlings, transplanting seedlings to bigger pots, or for re-potting indoor or outdoor plants. One of the major benefits is potting mix encourages moisture retention and the water-holding capacity of plants.

There are plenty of options available for purchase online through PGG Wrightson including Tui’s All Purpose Potting Mix and Dalton’s Premium Potting Mix

The Dalton’s range continues with their Organic Compost, designed to stimulate micro-organism activity and improve moisture retention and drainage in the soil. Landscape Fertiliser Pellets are easy to spread and help improve the organic matter content in any soil type.

If you think your soil is deficient in calcium and magnesium, add Tui’s Dolomite Lime Fertiliser which can be used in garden beds, lawns or compost bins.

If you notice your soil is compacted and struggling to retain water, try Tui’s Gypsum Clay Breaker.

While your citrus trees are growing over the summer, keep them healthy by feeding them Tui’s Citrus Food or Enrich Fruit, Citrus & Shrub Controlled Release Fertiliser. You’ll want to encourage the development of large, tasty fruit by delivering essential nutrients and potassium along with magnesium to help reduce leaf yellowing.

Do you grow tomatoes? If you do, you’re probably familiar with Tui’s Tomato Mix. This fertiliser has plenty of potassium to support healthy fruit growth along with a SaturAid wetting agent to help spread water evenly to the roots.


Get on top of pesty insects and common fungal diseases

The heat brings insects, both beneficial and harmful, along with providing ideal conditions for diseases that affect plant health. Purchase Copper Oxychloride Fungicide online to control a range of common fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit trees, vegetable crop and ornamentals including leaf curl, leaf spots, blights, downy mildew and black spot.

To combat insect pests, Kiwicare’s Organic Insect Control with Pyrethrum Concentrate controls a wide range of nuisance insects in your garden and is safe to use on fruit, vegetables, roses and ornamental plants.


Keep your garden weed-free

A weed-free garden means your plants won’t be competing for water and nutrients. To help in the fight against weeds, try Weed Weapon Invade. This is a targeted spot treatment for tough and creeping weeds that comes with a brush for easy application.


Water, water, water 

Watering your garden in dry summer conditions is a must. To make life easier, we have all the equipment you need online including sprinklers, hoses, a spray gun and galvanised watering can.


Pruning tools

You’ll need to keep up with your pruning whether it’s trimming tree branches or thinning grape vines. A convenient saw you can carry in your pocket is the Professional Series F180 Folding Saw. Choose from its two cutting positions.


View the gardening range of products available online at PGG Wrightson here to grab everything you need ahead of summer.