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Fruitfed Supplies, as it’s known today, was originally formed in 1916 as a grower-owned organisation formed to advocate and support those within the horticultural industry.
Starting from humble beginnings, the New Zealand Fruitgrowers’ Federation commenced its commercial activities in 1920, opening
its first store in Hastings. The Federation’s primary focus was to represent the interests of horticultural growers, using its collective buying power to provide crop protection products and harvesting equipment.

1948 - 1970

The establishment of the New Zealand Apple and Pear Marketing Board in 1948 was due to a strong advocacy to the Labour government by the leaders within the New Zealand Fruitgrowers' Federation on behalf of the nation’s apple growers.

‘The Federation’ was the primary source of orchard inputs from the 1920s through the ‘60s and into the ‘70s while, at the same time, facilitating district advisory groups which continued to represented the industry’s interests throughout this period.
1980 - 1995
In the 1980s the ownership structure changed with, first, the New Zealand Apple and Pear Board taking a 50% stake in the organisation for a relatively short time when we traded as Fruitfed Limited before 70% of that company was floated on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. The remaining 30% was held by the Fruitgrowers Charitable Trust until the early ‘90s when the trust decided to sell down its investment enabling the Hawke’s Bay-based stock and station company Williams and Kettle Ltd to secure 100% ownership of what, by then, was Fruitfed Supplies Ltd.
In 1995 national stock and station company Wrightson bought Williams and Kettle before announcing the decision to merge with Canterbury-based stock and station company Pyne Gould Guinness soon after.

Today Fruitfed Supplies is proud to be the horticultural division of PGG Wrightson Ltd and is represented in all the major horticultural regions across the country.

We're privileged to have been a part of the industry for 100 years, proud of the staff who committed their time to our business and more so of the large number who made it their careers to be a part of Fruitfed Supplies. 

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