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Calf Rearing  |  Growing Healthy CalvesCalf Rearing  |  Growing Healthy Calves

Healthy and thriving calves have the best chance of achieving their full growth potential.

It is important to select a nutritionally balanced calf milk replacer (CMR) for your calves needs.

Laura Pattie, PGG Wrightson's Technical Expert for Animal Production, offers her top tips for choosing the right calf milk replacer. 


Every calving season farmers ask what calf milk replacer concentration is best for their calves.

There are many different guidelines and label recommendations, and this can often create confusion. 


Dairy farmer and calf rearer, Kirsty Bodle, is committed to ensuring her calves get the best start in life.

Rearing heifer replacements and Wagyus, she uses MaxCare calf milk replacer as a consistent source of nutrition.


Feeding muesli and pelletsFeeding muesli and pellets

Along with milk and a small amount of fibre, calf meal is vital for feeding calves from four days old. The combination of milk, fibre and calf meal creates a balanced diet for the growing calf.

Read Laura’s recommendations for feeding muesli and pellets. 


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Post-weaning carePost-weaning care
Calf milk replacer tipsCalf milk replacer tips

Setting your calves up for sucess starts with good quality colostrum within the first 24 hours of their life. 

Calves rely on colostrum for immune protection, to give them the ability to fight viruses and bacteria but it is also a valuable source of energy, vitamins and minerals crucial for calves to achieve better weight gain and average daily gain. 

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