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Wine Grapes in VineyardWine Grapes in Vineyard

Our Wine Grape Knowledge

We work closely with NZ Winegrowers and their subsidiary bodies ‘Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand’ (SWNZ) and ‘Bragato Research Institute’ (BRI) to drive initiatives that enable our clients to achieve sustainable wine grape production and wine making.

We also recently celebrated receiving the Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards (BRCGS), formerly known as the British Retail Consortium, for our Blenheim store and have worked with suppliers and industry to drive recycling efforts.

Our Growers | The Pyramid

The Pyramid is a multi-faceted farming business currently comprising of 602 hectares within the boundaries of the Avon, Tummil and Waihopai rivers in Marlborough. The first vineyard block was created five years ago and brings a European feeling to the hills of Marlborough...

Our Growers | Rose Ag Vineyards

Rose Ag is a family-owned and operated Vineyard located in the Wairau Valley. Producing and exporting Savignon Blanc and some Pinot Noir, Vineyard manager Shane Day speaks about the support they recieve from Fruitfed Supplies through his Technical Horticultural Representative, Mike Treloar and the local Crop Monitoring team. 

Wine Grape Tech-Know Tips For June

  • Many regions experienced very low yields this past season due to a range of seasonal factors, all of which may impact next season’s crop. Especially important is how stressed vines were post-harvest and whether nutrition and water were available. If soil conditions post-harvest were dry, then nitrogen uptake will have been compromised which will affect early season growth and bud development next season. Careful decisions should therefore be made during pruning to set the crop at a level that doesn’t overly stress the vine. 
  • Pruning leaves vines vulnerable to infection from wood-infecting trunk diseases such as Eutypa lata and Botryspheria stevensii, so it’s important to protect wounds adequately to reduce infection risk. Where possible, apply a pruning wound protectant like PruneTec or Greenseal Ultra to pruning cuts promptly or at least before any rain or heavy dew. A spray-on wound treatment such as Gelseal Ultra is a good time-saving option. If applied correctly, a spray-on option has been shown to be more effective as a wound protectant than poorly applied pruning paint. Try to avoid pruning in wet weather which stimulates spore release.
  • Enhance the breakdown of prunings over winter by applying BioStart Digester to the inter-row area. This encourages saprophytic fungi to break down the woody material, thereby recycling valuable nutrients back into the soil and reducing inoculum.

    *ACVM registration numbers apply. Read registered label before use.

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