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We work closely with NZ Winegrowers and their subsidiary bodies ‘Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand’ (SWNZ) and ‘Bragato Research Institute’ (BRI) to drive initiatives within the industry that enable our customers to achieve superior wine production.

Our technical team carry out extensive trials to find new and innovative ways to tackle disease and reduce the impact of adverse weather events, either through research into new plant protection products, tailored nutritional advice or implementing new management techniques in the vineyard and winery.

Our Latest Tech-Know Tips

As harvest approaches, bunches become increasingly susceptible to Botrytis, especially if splitting becomes apparent.
Control options are limited in this ripening period, but if wet weather is anticipated then Serenade® Opti or TripleX (both have a one day pre-harvest interval) are good options to provide a fungicide cover prior to an infection event. More »

During harvest and post-harvest, monitor to determine insect pest levels, particularly mealy bug numbers, to assess the success of this season’s insecticide control programme and plan any changes for spring applications. The Fruitfed Supplies Crop Monitoring Team can assist with this process. More »

As blocks are harvested, endeavour to maintain a healthy canopy on vines
for as long as possible. Once grapes are removed, vines switch their leaf function to storing nutrients for next season. More »

Carbohydrates stored in the vine this year pay dividends next season, especially in high-cropping varieties. Nitrogen is essential in this process, but uptake via roots is difficult if conditions remain dry where foliar applications are the best option. Your Fruitfed Supplies Technical
Horticultural Representative can advise on the most appropriate products for your situation. More »

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